WORK. It's what we do, what we obsess over, celebrate, complain about, get paid for. We may call it Art, but it's still work. Particularly for creative types, where we do our work must have something to do with how it turns out, for better or worse - yet we rarely get to see behind the curtain.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Working from a Boat

Measuring the Heartbeat of a City
David Byrne always seems to be at least a step or two ahead of the curve. He's not an urban planner, but he sure could teach a thing or two to those who are, simply from his powers of observation. His book "Bicycle Diaries" holds great insights gathered while pedaling his bike in cities around the world.

Recently he reported from London that the tempo of that city seems to be about 122 beats per minute. How did he get that? Some lightweight field recording gear, a walk around the city with a simple video camera, sound and video editing, a little studio music overlay and viola - a lovely little piece of urban art.
There is more to this story and you can find it HERE.
David Byrne is a well-known creative genius, founder of the Talking Heads, writer and keen observer.