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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Baker's Dozen

Jodie Chavious is a rare talent in the Sacramento area - a Cordon-Bleu trained pastry chef. She worked at many of the area's top-notch restaurants before happily settling in at Taylor's Kitchen and Taylor's market. Restaurant folks are pretty nomadic by nature, carving out temporary work space where they can find it and sharing with (or surrendering to) others for multiple uses. So it's pretty remarkable - almost luxurious - that Jodie can count on a dedicated patisserie station every work day at 8:00 AM. Come 4:00 PM her space transitions to 'Garde Manger' - salad & cold plate prep - for the evening restaurant shift.

A place for everything; everything in its place
A major 'perq' at Taylor's Kitchen is the view. Most kitchens are dark, hot and stuffy - you can read Anthony Bourdain to learn how frightening many a four-star kitchen can be (you may not want to know). Taylor's, on the other hand, has fresh air, good light and endlessly entertaining views of the Light Rail Station antics across the street. 
A room with a view
First thing Monday morning, Jodie pulls eggs and butter out of the fridge to warm up and heads to the market next door to see what she needs to create. Cookies, cakes, pies, brownies - whatever has sold well over the weekend will need replenishing. Come Wednesday she begins preparing the week's dessert menu for the dining room, using fresh seasonal materials from the market. The best part of the job? Every day is different - the seasonal variety, ebb and flow of demand and special orders keeps it all interesting.
Canine haute cuisine
Adding to the variety, Jodie moonlights baking gourmet dog biscuits. Her  brand, 'Give the Dog a Bone' is available at Taylor's and at fine pet supply stores throughout the Sacramento area. The restaurant is dark Mondays and Tuesdays, so it's a perfect time for the night shift to pump out delectable, high-grade doggie treats.
Swing shift baking crew - woof!
It is remarkable how efficient her tiny kitchen workspace is, serving four distinct functions nearly round the clock. It's truly one of the hardest working spaces in show business.

Jodie Chavious is an Alaska native, dog lover and pastry chef extraordinaire.

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