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We would like you to share something about your special place where creativity blooms. So where do you work?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Public Transportation

Addison is bringing bike repair to the people. For those who are lazy, preoccupied, procrastinating or simply too cheap to keep their bikes in good running repair, he could be your savior. If you stop in at Insight Coffee at 8th & S on a sunny Saturday morning, you might just find him outside the front door, laying out his tools and portable bench. He's been around the bike scene in Sacramento for some time, including a stint at Edible Pedal.
Addison's neat little pop-up street shop
What we like best about his operation is the thoughtful setup of his mobile shop. A place for every thing, not  too much everything, Just what's needed for a quick Saturday morning repair. It all breaks down to fit on a Surly trailer for the trek back to his permanent shop at 23rd & S Streets.

Stop by for a nice hot coffee, freshly and expertly brewed, and  get that nagging shifter or dragging brake cheerfully adjusted by an expert - while you sip.

Who knows? you might learn something new about your bike and have a better ride home to show for it.
At the very least you could have a friendly conversation with a knowledgeable fellow, trying to make the city a better place for bikes.

You can also find Addison at his shop, Public Transportation, near the corner of 23rd & S Streets in Sacramento

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