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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Deep under cover in the Jungle

We've always taken a light-hearted view at Whereuwork. An inch deep, a mile wide, simple profiles of "creative caves, by and for creative folks." Now and then, something comes along that catches us by surprise, like the home and workplace of Glenn Greenwald.

 Mr. Greenwald is a journalist of deep passion and conviction working in the arena of civil rights. He is a man in the thick of it, jousting with world leaders, shining a light in the darkest recesses of the CIA, NSA, MI6, Interpol and God knows which other secret spy agencies.We would have assumed, if we gave it any thought, that Mr. Greenwald of course lived in New York or London, close to his adversaries and publishers. Not so - this from a report in the New York Times on Tuesday:

"..Greenwald lives and works in a house surrounded by tropical foliage in a remote area of Rio de Janeiro. He shares the home with his Brazilian partner and their 10 dogs and one cat, and the place has the feel of a low-key fraternity that has been dropped down in the jungle. The kitchen clock is off by hours, but no one notices; dishes tend to pile up in the sink; the living room contains a table and a couch and a large TV, an Xbox console and a box of poker chips and not much else. The refrigerator is not always filled with fresh vegetables. A family of monkeys occasionally raids the banana trees in the backyard and engages in shrieking battles with the dogs.
Mauricio Lima for The New York Times
Greenwald does most of his work on a shaded porch, usually dressed in a T-shirt, surfer shorts and flip-flops. Over the four days I spent there, he was in perpetual motion, speaking on the phone in Portuguese and English, rushing out the door to be interviewed in the city below, answering calls and e-mails from people seeking information about Snowden, tweeting to his 225,000 followers (and conducting intense arguments with a number of them), then sitting down to write more N.S.A. articles for The Guardian, all while pleading with his dogs to stay quiet. During one especially fever-pitched moment, he hollered, “Shut up, everyone,” but they didn’t seem to care..."

We are astonished that a man so active on a worldwide basis, so engaged in civil rights battles, can do serious work from a jungle retreat - complete with screaming monkeys.  Our (tin foil) hat is off to you, sir.
If you haven't heard of Glenn Greenwald, well then, you are simply not paying attention. You can find more (much more) HERE.

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